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About us

What Medgeeks is all about....

Our Mission is to disrupt medical education.

Believe it or not, 40% of clinicians experience burnoutThis is because there’s more to medicine than just learning medicine.

Truth is burnout:

  • Impedes learning
  • Makes it difficult to stay up to date
  • Leads to medical errors

Eventually, work bleeds into your personal life and affects relationships with family, friends and loved ones.

It’s our philosophy that a holistic approach is necessary when teaching clinicians, as we (humans) aren’t just made of one part. Rather, we are a collection of many parts; ignoring one will lead to subpar results with the rest. 


Our Vision is to change the way we educate clinicians, which will create a ripple effect that will ultimately create a better world. 

We are so excited for the work we're doing that we want to share an announcement our CEO made regarding our company mission, vision, and values within Medgeeks:

The status quo medical model is broken and needs to change. It’s our goal to be at the forefront of this change. 


Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners Working Together

During 2021 I (Andrew) focused on rapid growth within Medgeeks. Specifically focusing on our internal team so that we can start to create real change to advance both the PA and NP professions.

With this in mind we grew to 15 employees and I was able to add benefits (medical PPO, dental, vision) and a 401k plan (this was incredibly gratifying to be able to do this). The goal is to create a work culture where every team member feels passionate and fulfilled about the work they are doing. Every single member of our team is excited for the work ahead as we try and pave a new road for clinicians. 

We'll be leading by example as we try and change the way PAs and NPs are treated in practice (more on that a few paragraphs down). 

In terms of legalities, clinical privileges, and public perception the PA profession falls behind the NP profession. As a physician assistant by trade, I am 100% aware of this. This is in part secondary to politics, legislature, and outdated laws (among other things).

With that said, I fall in the camp that thinks there is plenty of opportunity for both professions to succeed. We can find a way to advance the PA and NP profession without having to belittle or tear each other down.

Needless to say, I'm a member of a few Facebook groups, where most of the posts seem to do nothing more than complain and bash the other profession. The goal with our facebook group is to inspire, lead, and create thought provoking conversations, all while sharing important updates in medicine to ensure everyone is providing evidence based care to their patients. 

If you haven't joined our free FB group, you can do so here.

But, more importantly, we will be deploying a lot of resources (time and money) to not only help individual clinicians, but to change the entire landscape and culture seen in primary care offices. 

We want to create a work culture where PAs and NPs are respected and treated fairly as opposed to being over worked and underpaid. And, the only way to do this, is from within each practice.

At the beginning of 2021, I started to brainstorm how all this would get accomplished. I took some pics just to document the process 🤓: 

As 2022 advances, I'll share more details on how exactly we plan to eradicate medical burnout by working directly with practice owners, admin/HR (who don't always know the roles of the provider), and the supporting staff. We want everyone here to find their passion for medicine that may have been lost along the way.  

Seriously, I'm so excited for this! 

If you're aligned with our mission, then I invite you to learn more about our two core offerings:


The New Medgeeks Podcast

While I have you here, I also want to take a second to introduce Dr. Niket Sonpal as the new host of the Medgeeks podcast! 

Who is Dr. Sonpal?

Well, besides being an internist and gastroenterologist, he's an assistant professor at Touro College of Medicine in Harlem New York. In addition to that, he's had the fortunate opportunity to be the co-author of "Master the Boards USMLE Step 2 and Step 3" . He's also faculty at Medquest Board review and was faculty at Kaplan for their medical test prep. He's also done a variety of lectures with Medgeeks as well. 

All these things combined has led to a 10 year history of teaching students medicine, the boards, and of course the grand round circuit. Dr. Sonpal likes to think of the podcast as your digital grand rounds. Check it out (free of course) below...

Click here to listen to the Medgeeks podcast

- Andrew
Founder of Medgeeks