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What Medgeeks is all about...

I started Medgeeks in 2013 to help students and clinicians get ahead in all aspects of medicine.

When I started PA school at UC Davis in 2010, there weren't any quality resources I could turn to. Everything was either oversimplified or overly complicated. 

As soon as I graduated in 2012, I made it my mission to create the best high-yield review on the market to help students master medicine. I also began working full-time in primary care and OBGYN as a solo provider. 

The more I practiced, the more I realized I was unprepared. I wasn't lacking medical knowledge per se, but I realized my program didn’t address the nuances of real-life application and the day-to-day realities that come with the practice of medicine.  

Because I started Medgeeks, I was fortunate enough to have thousands of conversations with practicing PAs, NPs, and physicians over the years. Everyone I spoke with felt the same, and I quickly realized I wasn't alone. 

I noticed that many students and clinicians focus only on the disease process but tend to neglect everything else because they don't view it as equally important. But once in practice, we quickly realize we have an incomplete picture of how things work.

After all, school prepares you to diagnose and manage the hundreds of diseases you're expected to know once you graduate. Because of this, we only spend our time learning about disease and pharmacotherapy. 

Don't get me wrong; this is 100% necessary. Medical education is structured that way because you do manage diseases. Your clinical knowledge is essential.

I found that clinicians struggle to move beyond this approach and don't realize the underlying problem until they burn out.

Our goal with Medgeeks is to help all clinicians live a fulfilled life they love (in every area).

Medicine is a profession where you can't just "mail it in."

  • You will make mistakes if you don’t have the core medical knowledge
  • You will make mistakes if you aren't fully present
  • You will make mistakes if you burn out

All these mistakes are at the expense of another human being's health; this is a BIG deal.

For the last nine years, we've been working to simplify and address all the components necessary to succeed as a clinician.

The truth is we need to take a holistic approach and address every part of the clinician. If we neglect one part of the equation, the clinician is at risk for burnout. Burnout, in turn, leads to medical errors.

As a result, the patient and clinician suffer.

Remember, you can't help your patients without first helping yourself. I share some thoughts regarding the myth behind "work-life balance" in the video below...


Side note: If you're interested if you're struggling with burnout, then check out our journal, Clinician's Corner here.

I've separated the major components that need to be addressed into 5 core pillars:

  1. Personal standards/goals
  2. Professional standards/goals
  3. Finances
  4. Core medical knowledge
  5. Patient flow optimization
Pillars 1, 2, and 3 are universal across all types of clinicians and specialties:
  • Personal standards/goals
  • Professional standards/goals
  • Finances

Pillars 4 and 5 will change depending on the type of clinician and specialty involved and thus requires a more nuanced discussion/approach:

  • Core medical knowledge
  • Patient flow optimization

For example, the practice of primary care medicine (specifically core medical knowledge and patient flow optimization) is quite different from the practice of emergency medicine.

Each pillar requires a specific degree of knowledge, focus, and practice which we will explain in the coming months. Our teaching philosophy has changed lives, saved relationships, and salvaged careers. So please pay close attention as I know it can do the same for you.  

So, if you're looking for help to decrease burnout and finally fall in love with life again, then I invite you to read our publication, Clinician's Corner here.

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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can always reach us via email: team@medgeeks.co

Cheers to your success in medicine!

Founder of Medgeeks