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Test Questions Don't Walk Through the Door--Patients Do

By Katelyn Colaric - Sep 27, 2021


Fresh out of PA school, Allie jumped right into a neuro-hospitalist position. She quickly learned the difference between medicine in school versus medicine in the field, and the pressure of having people's health in her hands became dangerously overwhelming. As she witnessed new grads around her burning out within a year, she knew she had to try something different.

Even working in a grad-friendly environment, Allie recognized that she needed more guidance than the attending physicians could offer. So she reached out to Medgeeks and found exactly what she needed to help her keep up with her fast-paced and high-pressure position. 

Not only did she find a supportive community of seasoned mentors and fellow hospitalist clinicians, but she also found a clinical-focused education system that provides direct application to her job. 

Test questions don't walk in the door--people do. 

The transition from school to the hospital brought uncertainty and doubt, but within six months of starting, Allie felt significantly more comfortable making calls, managing patients, and knowing how to document effectively. The Medgeeks community has helped her adjust faster and realize that she's not alone.  

With Medgeeks, you are surrounded by people who want to see you succeed and know exactly what you're facing each day. Why face these challenges alone when you don't have to? 

We want to be part of your journey and watch you grow!