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Change in specialty after 18 years...

By Katelyn Colaric - Sep 25, 2021

Family Practice Mentorship Interview


Debra worked as a women's health Nurse Practitioner since 1999. After eighteen years, she decided it was time for a new challenge, but she got a little bit more than she bargained for.

As she faced the often-overwhelming scope of family medicine, she knew she needed support.

It's never too late to grow!

Even after nearly two decades working as an NP, Debra took on the challenge of a new specialty.

She knew immediately that the gaps in knowledge and uncertainty she faced wouldn't be easy to conquer alone. 

Whether you're looking to improve in your current role or take on a new position, the guidance provided by our mentorship is invaluable to your growth as a clinician.

As Debra came to realize, having a structured, strategic, and personalized mentorship allows you to progress beyond what you could achieve alone.

Do you want to feel more confident in each patient encounter?

Do you want to fill gaps in your knowledge base?

Most important, do you want to be a better clinician?

If the answer is yes, then take a quick second to answer a few questions and hop on a call with us.