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Connecting with Patients

By Andrew Reid - Mar 18, 2021

The point of this talk is to shift your perspective, as your perspective will dictate the way you behave towards patients, which in turn, has an affect on how much good you can actually do,

In this talk we'll be discussing:

  • Boundary setting with patients
  • Being sued
  • Your patients perception of you
  • Building rapport to shorten the patient visit
  • Mitigating medical mistakes with a few techniques I've developed over the years

As a reminder...

We currently offer four tracks to help PAs and NPs.

Through Medgeeks U, our goal is to help physician assistants and nurse practitioners get through school, excel during rotations, and pass their board examination.

Once in practice, we have three tracks to help mentor and foster clinical success:

- Family practice
- Emergency medicine/Urgent care
- Hospitalist medicine (coming soon)

We provide the guidance, mentorship, and support that will help clinicians stay up to date, practice evidence based medicine, and provide quality patient care.

Our goal at Medgeeks is to help you live the life you want to live as you navigate a career in medicine.

This looks different to everyone, which is why we take such a personalized approach. 

Whether you want to ...

- Stop taking your work home
- Have the skillset to work autonomously
- Improve your work life balance

...or anything in between, we can definitely help. We've worked with thousands since 2013 and we're confident we can help take your career and life to the next level. 

We are constantly innovating and adding in various resources to ensure success.

Because of this, we will be removing lifetime access to our program.

We will also no longer be including our anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology program for free with our mentorship programs.

These changes will go into effect April 1st, 2021.

Anyone who joins before the above date, will be grandfathered in...

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