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Facing the Monster of the Boards

By Katelyn Colaric - Oct 06, 2021


After graduating PA school, 1/5 of Ryan's classmates did not pass the first attempt at the PANCE—himself included. Feeling abandoned by his program, Ryan searched for board prep resources himself and pieced together a plan to take the PANCE again.

The second attempt came, and again—no pass.

With this double disappointment weighing on him, Ryan wondered how he would be able to face the "monster" of board prep again. More than anything, he needed support. 

When he heard that one of his cohort members passed their most recent attempt and improved their score by 80 points by investing only in Medgeeks University, Ryan asked himself a question:

Why not go all-in? 

Instead of jumping between multiple test prep platforms and hoping he was covering everything effectively, Ryan switched gears and decided to trust the Medgeeks comprehensive board prep program.

Not only does Medgeeks U have a program designed specifically for passing the boards, but it also comes with support and mentorship. You are part of a community of mentors and fellow students who want to see you succeed. As Ryan learned, having that support makes all the difference.

It's not enough just to pass the boards--you have to be ready for what's next. As you reinforce your knowledge base with the structured prep program, we help you shift into a clinician mindset, integrating what you learned in school with what you'll be doing in your career.

You are investing your time in a program that will invest back in you. 

If you're ready to take the guesswork out of board prep and get a head start on your clinical journey, then Medgeeks is the place for you.