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Hired During a Pandemic

By Katelyn Colaric - Sep 25, 2021

Emergency Medicine Mentorship Interview

Richard is a nurse practitioner who was abruptly brought on to an emergency medicine team during the pandemic.

He did not receive the tutelage that his employer promised, leaving him to fill in the gaps on his own.

Finding himself in one of the busiest ERs in Albuquerque, Richard knew he needed something more than bootcamps and guidebooks to stay on top of the job.

That's why he chose Medgeeks.

Unlike other resources, Medgeeks is like a "mini ER residency," providing access to mentors, fellow clinicians, and a team that will hold you accountable.

For Richard, Medgeeks was essential in transitioning from family medicine to emergency in the midst of the pandemic.

He needed to improve as quickly as possible, so he trusted us to show him how.For him, being able to ask questions, get feedback, and interact live with mentors and fellow clinicians made all the difference.

Before long, he felt less anxious every time someone walked in. He knew exactly what steps to take!

Would you like to increase your confidence and become part of a community that is invested in your success?

Tell us a bit about yourself and what goals you have for your medical career and let's see how we can play a part in getting you there.