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Thank you for your interest in our
Hospital Medicine Mentorship!


First off, who is this for?

This is specifically for the practicing clinician (PA or NP) who is working hospital medicine or will be starting a hospitalist position shortly.

This is not for you if you're in school.

We have three areas of focus:

  • Non-clinical (documentation, learning to communicate with patients, preventing mistakes, etc)
  • Clinical (diagnosing, workup, management, etc)
  • Life as a clinician (increasing confidence, preventing burnout, work-life balance, etc)

It's only when we address all three that we can truly be fulfilled as a clinician. 

There's a big difference between school and practice. When you were in school, we often spoke about what’s done first, because the order was important.

But, in real life, that’s not always the case. Often times, a multitude of things are done all at once.

On an exam, there is typically one best answer and it must be clear cut; it must be easy enough to answer the question in 60 seconds. In real life, patients have multiple diseases, which can each cause their own set of symptoms. If you couple that with depression and anxiety, then arriving at a diagnosis starts to become much more of a challenge.

Diseases can be difficult to diagnose and/or differentiate in real life as things aren’t as clear cut as they were presented in your studies.

This is why we like to shift our focus away from textbook exam type presentations, and instead focus on real world clinical scenarios.

We move away from the high yield medicine model, to tackle real world situations and the thinking required of a clinician working hospital medicine.

The problem is that the stakes are much higher, and as you’ll soon find out, learning on the job without structure can actually slow down your progress.

There’s a lot you don’t think about until you’ve been in the game for a few years. In fact, there’s a lot you don’t even know that you should know...until you’ve been working in primary care for years.

It's because of this, we at Medgeeks collaboratively found a better way to truly master the concepts you’re expected to know as a practicing clinician.


How Our Mentorship Works

We have everything you need to be successful:

  • Structure
  • Accountability
  • Access to our mentors


Here are the specifics:

  • A structured Curriculum: Before you get started, we'll have an onboarding session where we discuss your goals. This will help us create a gameplan to help you get ahead quickly. On this session, we'll also show you how to use all the resources to maximize efficiency.

  • Accountability. Weekly checkins via the private community. Every week we'll see how you're progessing, keep you on track, and/or answer any questions you might have.

  • Live Sessions with our Mentors. Every month you'll have the opportunity to go live with our mentors. We would use these sessions to gain mastery and for clarification regarding the material you are reviewing. 

    This is a safe space and you will never be judged. While we understand that it can seem a bit nerve-racking, there are no dumb questions, and we assure you there is no need to be nervous. 

  • Private Medgeeks Community. Access to our community (off Facebook) 7 days a week. This is where all our clients and mentors communicate daily. You can post any questions you'd like that pertain to hospital medicine (clinical and non-clinical in nature). 

    Once again, rest assured there are no dumb questions. If you have a question, many others probably have a similar question. By using the community, you are not only helping yourself, but you’re also helping others who are in a similar situation.

  • Staying up to date. Every month, we publish the most important practice changing updates in internal medicine, that affect your practice.

  • Mindset training. Every month, we will go live with all our mentorship groups across all specialties to discuss the non clinical aspects of what it means to be a clinician. This will be a combination of lecture and Q&A to address things like burnout, unhappiness in the workplace, bringing work home, relationships, self care, confidence, and more.

We promise to give you 100% effort to ensure you succeed as a clinician. All we ask, is that you do the same. As they say, it takes two to tango.

We've been in business since 2013, and know what you're going through and where you're heading. Trust us that everything we do is for a reason. 

We'll be here every step of the way to help guide you through the various levels you'll experience as a practicing clinician. From new graduate to retirement and everything in between, we'll be there working to help you advance your career, and to help you live a more fulfilled life.


Our Cirriculum Broken Down

Our goal is to build a solid foundation in hospital medicine over the next 7 months. We decided that a slower, but more deliberate approach would be best, because we know exactly how busy you are as a practicing clinician.

We'll help take your career to the next level with just 3 hours per week.

Every month, you can expect 4 weekly sessions:

  • Mindset training (live session)
  • Hospital medicine (live session)
  • Hospital medicine (live session)
  • Practice changing updates (pre-recorded)

Listed below is a breakdown regarding our live hospital medicine sessions. Everything we discuss is tailored to working inpatient medicine.

No worries if you can't make a session. We'll be recording, editing, and organizing everything in your personalized dashboard.


We have the following trainings ready to go as soon as you join:

  • Session 1:
    • Introduction to hospitalist medicine 
    1.       Do’s and Don'ts of hospital medicine
    2.       Working with other specialties, nurses, etc
    3.       Consultations
    4.       Documentation
    • Preventing specific adverse outcomes
    1.       Think like a clinician
    2.       How to approach a new patient
    3.       Falls
    4.       Delirium
    5.       Sleep deprivation
    6.       Infections
    7.       VTE
    8.       Pressure ulcers


  • Session 2: 
    • Perioperative management
    • Procedures
    • Palliative/Hospice/End of life/Comfort care 
    • Transfer/Discharging patients


Upcoming trainings include:


  • Session 1:
    • Cardiology Part 1
    1.       Heart failure
    2.       Arrhythmias
    3.       ACS

  • Session 2:
    • Cardiology Part 2
    1.       HTN
    2.       Syncope
    3.       Shock



  • Session 1:
    • Pulmonology 
    1.       Respiratory failure: COPD, Asthma
    2.       Pulmonary HTN
    3.       Pleural effusions
    4.       Empyema
    5.       Pneumothorax


  • Session 2:
    • Endocrinology
    1.       Diabetes
    2.       Adrenal gland
    3.       Thyroid disorders
    4.       Pituitary disorders



  • Session 1:
    • Gastroenterology Part 1
    1.       GI bleeding
    2.       Obstruction
    3.       Liver failure


  • Session 2
    • Gastroenterology Part 2 
    1.       Pancreatic disorders
    2.       Biliary disease
    3.       Obstruction/ileus



  • Session 1
    • Nephrology
    1.       AKI
    2.       CKD
    3.       Acid base disorders
    4.       Electrolyte disturbances
    5.       Obstructive disorders


  • Session 2
    • Psychiatry 
    1.       Suicide
    2.       Overdose
    3.       Withdrawal
    4.       Delirium
    5.       Dementia



  • Session 1
    • Hematology/Oncology
    1.       Anemias
    2.       Coagulopathies
    3.       VTE
    4.       Heme malignancies
    5.       Bone marrow disorders


  • Session 2
    • Rheumatology/Allergy/Immunology
    1.       Anaphylaxis
    2.       Adverse drug reactions
    3.       Autoimmune disorders



  • Session 1:
    • Neurology
    1.       Stroke
    2.       Seizure


  • Session 2:
    • Infectious disease
    1.       Cardiac infections
    2.       Pulmonary infections
    3.       Sepsis
    4.       UTI
    5.       Skin & Bone
    6.       Meningitis
    7.       GI infections


Ready for the Next Step?

In order to keep the integrity of the program and to protect our current clients, we don't just let anyone join the mentorship. So, if you're interested in seeing how our mentorship can specifically help you get ahead in practice in less time, then please schedule an advising call below.

The first part of the call is to see how we can help.

After we identify what you need help with, we can discuss solutions to help you get ahead. If we believe you would be a good fit for us and we truly believe we can help, then we will share what we can do for you, based on your specific situation; then you can decide whether or not you want to continue working with us.

At no point will we ever try and "sell" you something you don't want or need. This isn't a sales call, but rather a conversation, between yourself and our advisors. This way, we can provide solutions to your problems (whether that's with us or not).

Click here to schedule a call with our advisors

In case you missed it...

Our Mission is to disrupt medical education.

Believe it or not, 40% of clinicians experience burnoutThis is because there’s more to medicine than just learning medicine.

Truth is burnout:

  • Impedes learning
  • Makes it difficicult to stay up to date
  • Leads to medical errors

Eventually, work bleeds into your personal life and affects relationships with family, friends and loved ones.

It’s our philosophy that a holistic approach is necessary when teaching clinicians, as we (humans) aren’t just made of one part. Rather, we are a collection of many parts; ignoring one will lead to subpar results with the rest. 


Our Vision is to change the way we educate clinicians, which will create a ripple effect that will ultimately create a better world. 

We are so excited for the work we're doing that we want to share an announcement our CEO made regarding our company mission, vision, and values within Medgeeks:

The status quo medical model is broken and needs to change. It’s our goal to be at the forefront of this change with our clinical mentorship.

In just 12 weeks, we can take you from new grad to confident practitioner working primary care.

Afterwards, we can get you thinking and managing patients like someone with years of experience, in only 20 weeks.


Let's talk about what our mentorship is not:

This is NOT another course. Yes, there is content and training, but at our core, we provide mentorship wherein we work with you to accomplish your goals.  

This looks different for everyone, which is why we take such a personalized approach. 

Whether you want to ...

  • Stop taking your work home
  • Have the skillset to work autonomously
  • Improve your "work life balance"
  • Be the best in your field

...or anything in between, we can definitely help. We've worked with thousands since 2013 and we're confident we can help take your career and life to the next level. 

Because we personally work with you on a 1:1 level, we need to make sure we are the right fit to grow together. This means our mentorship isn’t for everyone. 

This is NOT one size fits all. If you are accepted to work with us, the first step is building out a strategy and game plan to help you reach your goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

Most our clients come in thinking they need to address something very specific. But, after our first advising session (which you can schedule free below), they realize they have been focusing on the wrong thing altogether.

It's hard to know what to focus on that will accelerate growth when you can't see the forest for the trees. This is where we come in.

We coach and mentor you in two ways:


Mentoring for performance and for development

We want to teach you, help you, and empower you by focusing on two things:

  1. Development
  2. ​Performance

Let's talk development first:

This is where we teach you how to think about both every day problems and complex medical problems.

We'll be empowering you to set you up for success when you have no one to turn to.

Coaching for development is often much harder and neglected. This is why most people often struggle to see patients, take work home, and lack confidence.

Now, let's discuss perfomance, which is what most clinicians want.

This is answering situational questions with a problem you are having now:

“I have a 50 year old male patient, presenting with ‘x, y, z’. He has ‘x’ comorbid conditions and is on ‘y’ medications. Previous labs show “z”. How should I proceed?”

Coaching for performance is much easier because it gives more immediate results; there is something tangible to fix right now. The downfall is that it also gives the false feeling and illusion that this is the best way to learn. 

Spoiler alert: it’s not.

The problem is most clinicians don’t know the problems they will be facing in the future, because they’ve never experienced them. Therefore, most will wait until they hit said problems before asking for help. 

Instead, what if we could prepare you for the things we know are coming? 

And when they do come, you won’t ever need to ask for help…

...or at the very least, not as frequent, and the help won’t be as extensive. 

As you can see, both perfomace and developement are equally important. The problem is most clinicians don’t want to focus on development. Truth is, most don’t even know there’s a difference (we do) or choose not to address it because it’s harder, takes more time, and there isn't immediate satisfaction. 

When we address the development, we shift the focus from the problem to be solved, and onto the person who is fixing it (you).

By turning the conversation from a situation to you, we are showing you how to learn, think, and grow from the situation. 

This is where the magic happens!

Like we said, our goal is to empower you to be your best version.

At the end of the day, we want to teach you how to get results repeatedly without us. We don’t want you to have to depend on us every single time a problem arises because the reality is, we won’t be with you 24/7.

This is why at Medgeeks, we focus on development and performance inside our mentorship programs.


If you become a client, you will always come first. 

We will always have your best interest at heart without fail. It may not seem like it at times, but the boundaries and constraints we put forth are to push you to be better. 

The truth is we give a damn and will never judge you.

We are here to guide and challenge you so that you can make your mistakes with us, and not with your patients.

We will always ensure you have mastery of the basics first, as this produces the greatest results in the quickest amount of time.

After this, we can dig into the nuances that allow you to shape your own style and practice. 

But, a strong foundation is what’s most important. Don't get ahead of yourself and think you already know this.

The truth is you’re not here for more information and you aren't struggling because there's a lack of information.

Every piece of information is made universally available on the internet.

There’s no shortage of information in books, youtube videos, podcasts, courses, and seminars.

But medicine is not just about information. If it were, we would have self taught clinicians who only ever read textbooks.

Medicine is complex and riddled with extreme nuance and no two patients are ever the same. 

But, we’ve figured out a way to teach you not only how to get out of survival mode, but also how to thrive in practice.

Don't worry, our process will make it manageable to do with your current work week. We’ll show you how to learn more in less time, all the while enabling you to have more time with friends and family.

The last thing we want is for you to keep grinding it out as you put sleep on the back burner. Most clinicians treat their lack of sleep as a badge of honor. But, this is also why 40% of those very same clinicians burn out.

I know, this doesn’t seem possible, but believe me it is.

We’ll show you where to focus your energy and attention to get the best results in the shortest amount of time possible. That's what a mentorship with Medgeeks can do.


Commit to us and we’ll commit to you. 

You’re capable of more than you think. The secret is to be strategic about your learning. 

Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” 

The work you do with us is more important than you realize.

You might not see it yet, because none of your colleagues are doing things this way. But, the ugly truth is that half your colleagues will be unhappy, stressed, and sleep deprived at some point in their career. 

Be careful who you learn from…

If you’d like to learn more and see if we would be a good fit together, then...

Click here to book an appointment to speak with a Medgeeks advisor

Our Amazing Team of Mentors

Joe Rad

Physician Assistant

Joe graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 2017. - Pulmonary/Critical Care and Sleep medicine 2017-present - Hematology and Medical oncology 2018-present.

Judy Finney


Judy Finney M.D. graduated from the Michigan State University School of Medicine in the top 5% of her class. She did her residency in internal medicine with Michigan State University Clinical Center and did a fellowship in cardiovascular disease at Ingham Regional Medical Center. She also taught at Midwestern University School of Medicine. From 2001 - 2008 she was a clinical professor taking on one student at a time during their 3rd year clinical cardiology rotation to really help them excel. During that time, she also taught EKGs, Heart Sounds, and Murmurs to everyone in their cardiology rotation. From 2008-2011 Dr. Finney was assistant professor for the school of Medicine. During this time she re-wrote all objectives for the internal medicine rotation and created a database of questions they could use for testing during the internal medicine rotation.

Niket Sonpal


Dr. Sonpal is Assistant professor of medicine at Touro Osteopathic School of Medicine, associate program director for the internal medicine residency program at Brookdale University hospital, director of Medical education at Picmonic, and chief strategy officer at Medquest Test Prep.

Mechanical Ventilation Training

This is a free live training Joe Rad put on for our Medgeeks community. He discussed mechanical ventilation 101 for clinicians. Please excuse the quality as we did this live on Facebook and Instagram. 

Nonetheless, take a look and we hope you learn something! 


Ready for the Next Step?

In order to keep the integrity of the program, we don't just let anyone join the mentorship. So, if you're interested in seeing how our mentorship can specifically help you get ahead in practice in less time, then please schedule an advising call below.

The first part of the call is to see how we can help.

After we identify what you need help with, we can discuss solutions to help you get ahead. If we believe you would be a good fit for us and we truly believe we can help, then we will share what we can do for you, based on your specific situation; then you can decide whether or not you want to continue working with us.

At no point will we ever try and "sell" you something you don't want or need. This isn't a sales call, but rather a conversation, between yourself and our advisors. This way, we can provide solutions to your problems (whether that's with us or not).

Click here to schedule a call with our advisors